Means To Stop Employs from Getting Away With Time While at Work

We understand the integral role played by employees in ensuring the continued success of your business. Given the fact the a lot of wages is usually spent on workers, there needs to be accountability. However, there are instances where you staff could be taking advantage of you.

While at work, time becomes an important resource. Time theft is emerging to be a common worry for most business owners. This simply means that the workers end up being paid for work they did not perform from this service. This applies to the entire time count spend by workers doing other activities which do not relate or benefit the business.

Fake sick days and unregulated days off are some of the ways workers take advantage of you. The productivity of business ends up coming into question with these habits. To ensure that your workers are conscious of time, here are some steps you can take now.

Proper Training While Setting Expectations

It could that your employees do not mean to waste time knowingly. This can be caused by the lack of a proper schedule of the duties and activities that need to be accomplished. Maybe the workers could be less motivated to work due to the work environment. There are many caused which could be the sole cause.There are many explanations which could be forwarded here.

Training the workers on all of their duties is the first step. In case of a slow day, workers should have other activities and duties to fulfill. You can schedule small maintenance work to be performed by the workers. This begs the need to enforcement of strict rules and measures which need to be implemented by the workers.

Enforcing Termination Rules
Careless actions by workers could led to their termination. After implementing the rules and regulations, workers should work hard to adhere to them. The rules should clearly state the technique used for giving sick days, breaks, days off and other related miscellaneous activities. Failure to comply to these rules and regulations should bear severe consequences for the workers.

A clear procedure should be stated highlighting the steps for the enforcement of punishments relating to time theft. This could be minor as suspensions or major as termination. In order to set an example for more workers, termination of contracts could be a motivation.

Effective Time Tracking

A recommended means of catching up with time theft from your employees, you should ensure there are effective time tracking skills. This should begin with the creation of a schedule. You should also learn to invest in a shift planning software to avoid human errors. The hours of workers should be tracked highlighting the time spent working. The performance of the workers should also be tracked. At the end of the day, you should never create that environment where your workers feel micromanaged.

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