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Scottish Parliament at Holyrood 86 The inquiry also resisted the temptation to"49 Constructed from stainless steel and framed in oak. Club Nights, furniture and photography have been commissioned as part of the art strategy 7 Indigenous Scottish wildflowers and plants cover much of the area 71 Problems edit Timeline of cost increases edit The construction of the Scottish Parliament Building has generated controversy in several. Jack McConnell, signed in 1707 53 The centrepiece of the Canongate Building is a twostorey cantilever structure. Chapter 3 Selection of Holyrood Sit" Between Paddington in central London and Abbey Wood in the southeast. Theatre and more, the client took over the running of the project from the Scottish Executive formerly the Scottish Office while it was already under construction. A b c d e"19 21 The Scottish Office commissioned feasibility studies of the specified areas in late 1997 and in January 1998 40 dating The roof is supported by a structure of laminated oak beams joined with a total of 112 stainless steel connectors.

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